I can go on about nutrition and energy and what cyclists could should eat and when for quite some time (just ask Debs), but if I had to talk about the single most effective form of energy for me, as a cyclist and a personal trainer, I’d say it’s my morning porridge.


Oats, especially the jumbo ones I like to get from our local health food shop, are the most easily accessible source of complex carbohydrate. I’m using my aerobic system from the moment I’m up, so I need complex carbs to keep up a consistent release of energy throughout my day. The same is true for anyone planning a long ride, and at On The Rivet we pack our lunchboxes with Natalie’s home-made flapjacks and cereal bars to make sure everyone has plenty of power to the pedal throughout the day. My favourite is Banana, date and pumpkin seed flapjacks.


I’m also a convert to non-homogenised milk as its such a great source of good quality protein (homogenisation breaks up the fat globules so they don’t rise to the top but also renders much of milk’s important proteins pretty much indigestible. If you want to know more, this article at the Huffington Post explains the differences between homogenised and non-homogenised milk (read here). Good quality protein helps our bones, muscles, tissues, skin, hair, teeth, hormones, enzymes and white blood cells - as well as being an alternative source of fuel and vital for muscle recovery after a long ride or a big work out.


I like to soak my oats overnight in non-homogenised milk, and eat them raw the next day, topped with fruit like bananas and berries and a ton of organic honey, maybe a bit of cinnamon and a handful of raisins. This morning I dolloped some Bagget and Hayes Strawberry and Vanilla jam on top, yum! 


And off we go.