For most of us, excitement for the next birthday, or Christmas, dwindles somewhat as each year goes by. Sleepless nights of excited anticipation spent wondering what the morning may bring (gifts), over time, are instead replaced by sleepless nights spent worrying about how quickly life is racing by. It’s one of those sad facts of growing old, right? Or maybe it’s just us?

Anyway, that’s enough doom and gloom; life’s too short for that.

However, excitement for some things in life never lessens with age. Actually, with certain things, excitement only intensifies. And one such thing that does this for us is…

...a holiday.


It’s fair to say, we’re huge fans of holidays (after all, it’s what we do), so we find the below puzzling and a little frustrating.

The average UK employee only uses three quarters (77%) of their annual leave.
— Glassdoor, 2014

We want to help change the above, and so we’re bringing you some reasons as to why you need to treat holidays with the utmost of importance.

Holidays give you something to look forward to, and that's a good thing

You know that feeling of excitement that we referred to at the beginning? Well, a new study in the journal Applied Research in Quality Life (ARQL) has proven that when people have a holiday to look forward to they show the longest signs of increased happiness - And we all know happiness is key to a good life!

Plus, it doesn’t matter if it’s two nights in the UK, or three weeks in the Maldives. The level of happiness remained the same no matter how long the holiday was for, or where it was.

Quite simply, having something to look forward to – light at the end of the tunnel – is extremely motivating, and can help pull you through the toughest of working weeks / months.


You'll feel refreshed & rejuvenated

The increased happiness levels gained from the anticipation of your holiday actually stay with you long after your holiday – 8 weeks is what the APQL study found. This leads to renewed energy and positivity, making you far more productive in your working life. Just make sure, before those 8 weeks run out, you’ve got another holiday pencilled in to look forward to - to top those happiness levels back up.

Also it’s important to remember - unless you’re one of the lucky few - that you’ll likely be working for most of your life. Therefore you have to view your career as a marathon, not a sprint. Therefore regular rejuvenation is crucial to avoid getting burnt out. By looking at it this way, you’ll realise that holidays are essential for survival! 


Holidays help broaden the mind

Going away on holiday, no matter where it is, always broadens the mind. You’ll experience new things, learn new things, and often come up with ideas or solve problems that you just wouldn’t have been able to do had you been chained to your desk instead.


They can help to improve your networking abilities

Travel has a habit of placing you in situations where you have to talk to others. You can use this to your advantage by treating it as a way to practice and improve your networking skills. Networking when on holiday feels more natural, and so it will help you become a more natural networker when you return.


Now, please take your full holiday allowance

If after reading this, we find out you still didn’t use your full holiday allowance, then you can expect us to be a tad disappointed. Unused holiday days are such a waste! 

In their survey, Glassdoor also found 44% of employees reported doing some work on holiday, to ease their fear of missing out on anything while away. So maybe if you can’t completely switch off when away, we’ll let you check the odd work email, just as long as you do go away...

Happy holidays!