I always like to keep abreast of nutritional trends and must say I’m looking forward to chalking up a few health points with 2015’s newest fad: charcoal. Activated charcoal (charcoal that has been heat treated to increase its absorbency)  is everywhere right now, thanks to its de-toxing properties. Without getting too scientific, the idea is it binds to the all the toxins and nasties in our systems and flushes them out. Cleansers and detoxers are going mad for the stuff.  

I’m noticing charcoal cropping up in high-end health drinks, drinks like ISOTONIC1 from Botanic Lab and I’m seeing lots of great smoothie and juice recipes online, using activated charcoal. This coconut and charcoal drink from GQ’s Hangover Lab looks kind of cool, I might try to incorporate something similar into our On the Rivet menus: