Keeping the waistline in check, the heart strong, and the mind fresh. No doubt the reasons as to why many people first jump onto the bike. They’ll also likely be the sole reasons used to justify the ensuing ‘cycling addiction’ – not only to yourself, but to the other half, and quite often to the bank balance too!

The health benefits of cycling should never be undermined, but we’re guessing the cycling nuts out there would welcome some more ammo to use in defence of their need for more time on the bike. Luckily for you, we’ve got you some.

That something is networking.

In a nutshell, cycling is steadily becoming the way many would prefer to network. Whether that’s building relationships with existing colleagues, strengthening a relationship with a current client or seeking new relationships with potential clients. A passion for cycling now offers big business benefits.

But how so? Well, here are our six reasons…

  1. The release of happy inducing endorphins – generated from the freedom and exhilaration experienced when cycling – help to create a more open and productive conversation, improving the chances of achieving desired outcomes.
  2. People tend to do business with people they like. A driving factor in liking someone is having shared interests. And given cycling is becoming the interest of choice for CEO’s, business owners and high achievers, cycling is an interest that can help you with being liked and remembered by influential people.
  3. Cycling can actually tell you a lot about a person. When on a group cycle, by showing dedication and support to those around you, those people will then assume that this is the type of behaviour that you’ll bring into the office too – making you someone they’d like to do business with.
  4. Linked to the above point is also the fact that although cycling can be seen as an individual sport, you rely on others around you for motivation, conversation on long rides, and conversation for when you’re refuelling with some coffee and cake. These moments create the perfect conditions for networking.
  5. Cyclists, when sat at their work desk, are likely wishing for nothing more than being out on their bike instead. So if they’re invited out for a ride, for legitimate business reasons, then they’ll probably jump at the chance. Meeting someone for a quick coffee in a crowded coffee shop where everyone is on their laptops isn’t quite as enticing.
  6. We had to mention it. Golf. Golf for a long time has been recognised as the best sport for networking. However, cycling offers a number of advantages over golf: Anyone can cycle, at any time, and from anywhere. Whereas with golf, you really need to be at a good enough standard to play properly, which can take time and money and a bit of luck on the day! You also need to book a tee time at a specific course, which can be pricey. Not to forget, a round of golf will likely take up about 4 hours. You could instead jump on your bike for a couple of hours and it’ll be a hell of a better workout too.

There you have it - All the more reason for indulging in your passion for cycling.

All you need to do now is make sure everyone is fully aware of your love of cycling – to help spread the word. Join the right clubs and attend the right events to increase your networking opportunities. And perhaps most importantly of all, get the full backing from the boss. The boss at home that is. Hopefully sharing this post with them, will help...