For the majority, lunchtime is likely the best option for exercise. You’re not a morning person, and (wisely) you acknowledge evenings are best spent relaxing, socialising or with family. 

Also you know that an afternoon session:

- Helps break your day up – lets you escape from your work.

- Endorphins help do away with your afternoon slump, meaning you’ll notice an improvement in your afternoon performance / productivity when back at work.

- Research shows that mid afternoon is the body’s optimum time for exercise.

Lunchtime training sounds good, but it shouldn’t be approached lightly. You need to plan for it. As with pretty much everything in life, time is the big issue here. Luckily, we’re here to help with a series of lunchtime workouts...

Our lunchtime workouts involve the use of zone training. If you already know your training zones, great, crack on with the workout you’ll find below. If you don’t, no dramas. We’ve put together something here, that’ll help you identify them - it’s super easy. It can be your first lunchtime workout!

One more thing to mention before we introduce our first lunchtime workout is that, of course, lunchtime means LUNCH time - time for food. So, accompanying each one of our lunchtime workouts will be a quick, easy to prepare, tasty, yet nutritional meal. You’ll find our first one below the workout.




The below is a power session. Building power is important, it helps us climb better, attack harder or react to others attacking us, hold a faster gear ratio with the same effort and more often.



The below lunchtime recipe is a quick example of a good post-workout lunchtime meal which you can prepare the night before and bring into the office to eat for lunch.  It contains low-fat animal protein in the form of crab meat, plenty of greens from the salad, good fat in the from of avocado and olive oil, low GI carbohydrates from the rye sourdough bread, and boasts detoxifying properties from the fresh lemon juice. 

Hope you enjoy it!

Please note that if you are preparing this the night before, then you should transport the avocado (whole), crab meat, and dressing separately - combining them at the last minute. 


There you have it, your next lunchtime sorted! And keep your eyes peeled for more lunchtime training workouts from us.

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