Cycling Training Plan

It's inevitable, there will come a time in your cycling life when you hit the wall and your performance plateaus. 

Regular group rides, and solo weekend outings are of course great, but over time you'll notice how your 'gains' start to diminish. Quite simply, you'll reach your natural talent limit. Once you get there, it doesn't mean you can't make any more gains; far from it, there's still loads of room for improvement, but you do need to change your approach to cycling. 

Help is at hand, in the form of the On the Rivet Riders training programme.

The On the Rivet Riders training programme is not aimed at elite level cyclists. Instead our focus is on helping the everyday cyclist to reach new heights, and realise their untapped cycling potential - to become a better, faster and stronger cyclist. 

Importantly, we ensure all plans are realistic in terms of the hours you have available for training. All too often anxiety and frustration is felt by clients when training plans become too difficult to maintain, due to time restrictions. Our plans offer a minimum number of sessions with optional additional sessions, if time permits. As well as bad weather alternative training, i.e turbo training, spin bike, Wattbike - dependent on what is available to you. 


How the cycling training programme works


By signing up to the On the Rivet Riders training programme you will have unrivalled expert analysis and advice from certified British Cycling Coach; Jim Styrin.

Based on an initial consultation - from which your abilities and goals will be identified - Jim will put together a bespoke, and completely tailored programme to help you take your cycling to the next level, smashing your goals.


Initial Consultation (based at a mutually beneficial location)

  • Discussing current training, issues, progress and goals
  • British Cycling warm-up on high-tech Wattbike
  • Intense 3-minute sprint analysis to gather required data
  • Debrief and agreed plan of action moving forward

Subsequent Training Programme

  • Watt Bike findings and analysis delivered to your inbox
  • Completely personalised monthly progressive training plan
  • Dialogue with Jim, to discuss and ensure progress


Initial consultation fee: £40
On-going personalised training programme: £35 per 4 week plan (12 week programme recommended)



I use cycling predominantly as a fitness tool. Even so I became pretty frustrated with my cycling because I felt I had stopped improving. I just wanted to get better, faster really. But not in a way that the training would take over my life. Thank God for Jim. The training plan he put together for me was amazing! My love for cycling hit new heights, and I was outpacing some of my friends that I never thought I could :-) Jim will change your cycling life!
— Rosie Evans

Let Jim help you realise your untapped cycling potential

For further information and bookings:
01308 456 313